My practice embraces diverse media, encompassing painting, sculpture, and performance. Each different medium is chosen circumstantially to most effectively establish a dialog. I’m interested in moving past the concept of the viewer as the passive bystander, encouraging a more active role in experiencing art.

The use of written language allows me to disseminate beautiful ideas — of social, philosophical and emotional importance — that would otherwise reside only the privacy of my mind. My performances are inspired by the ancient notion of the Greek Agora in which performer and viewer, creation and consumption occupy the same space. My focus is on the free flow of energy from the bodies present in a space, where outcomes are unpredictable, ushered by the provocations posed to the audience. Be it through my physical presence and actions, through the use of language, or through tactile and sensorial experiences, materials and colors I strive to seduce the gaze of the spectator into the intricacies of love, reproduction, replication, socio-economic inequality, justice, and identity in the era of instant communication. My work as both an artist and a curator is designed to create temporary autonomous zones where critical thinking and constructive criticism are encouraged. I am fueled by the thought that fatalism can be overcome and that alternatives abound.

By experiencing the present with a sense of wonder we become able to achieve a shift in paradigm, propelled to construct a future grounded in love, tolerance, diversity, fraternity, friendship, equality, and beauty.

I am still trying to figure out which box I should check when asked who I am, and I know I am NOT alone.

The way people engage with art is informed by myriad factors. No matter the story behind a person's gaze, I strive to reach out to them. I want to propose instead of scream against (but I'll scream my head off if it seems like the time is right). I want people to respond as much as I want them to ask. I want questions, amazement, glitter, sweat, magik, rainbows, representation, tolerance, diversity, friendship and perspective. I want a future where no one will dare say, "it has always been this way" to justify the unthinkable.

Love, sweat, joy, and tears,


Master of Fine Arts, Tufts University, Medford, MA and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Specialization in Art and Philosophy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Escola de Dança Angel Viana, technical course for dancers, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Straight from the Heart - the Rant series
Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA. Made possible with the generous support of the Walter Feldman Fellowship.
YOU/ME (VOCÊ/EU) MUV Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
A Coney Island of the Mind (Um Parque de Diversões para a Cabeça), Galeria Oscar Cruz, São Paulo, Brazil
Velvet Screw (Parafuso de Veludo), Galeria TAC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Uncanny Home of Our Imagination, Nave Gallery Annex, Somerville, MA
On the Body, Gallery 263, Somerville, MA (juried by Ruth Erickson, Assistant Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston)
One Language is Never Enough: Latino Artists in Southern New England, Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA
Nonspace, GRIN Gallery, Providence, RI
Satellite, Khaki Gallery, Boston, MA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts International Student and Alumni Group Exhibtion)
Aftermath: MFA Thesis Exhibition, Laconia Lofts Gallery, Boston, MA (two person exhibition)
MUV Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vestments, 17 Cox Gallery, Beverly, MA (three person exhibition)
Nova Escultura Brasileira (Panorama of Brazilian Sculpture), Caixa Cultural, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vênus Terra, Galleria TAC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,
Generation Next 4, Emerson College Gallery, Boston, MA (14 x 12 foot site specific mural)
(Causos Casos Ou) Quase Casais, Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal
Com Afeto Rio, Oscar Cruz Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil
Nova Arte Nova, Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Idyll, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Poética Têxtil, Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade, São Paulo, Brazil
Educação, A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bandeiras do Brasil, Galerie Mansart, Centre Culturel Brésil-France, Paris, France
Brazilian Flags, Gallery 32, London, UK
New Acquisitions of the Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection (Novas Aquisições da Coleção Gilberto Chateaubriand), Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13o Salão da Bahia, Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, Bahia, Brazil
Brazilian Flags, Marcantônio Vilaça Gallery/Casa do Brazil, (Brazilian Embassy), Brussels, Belgium
Um Século de Arte Brasileira: Uma Retrospective da Coleção Gilberto Chateaubriand (100 Years of Brazilian Art: A Retrospective of the Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection), traveling exhibition originating at Pinacoteca de São Paulo, SP, Brazil; traveling to Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba, Brazil; Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Abre Alas, A Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Projeto Respiração (guest artist at Ernesto Neto exhibition), Fundação Eva Klabin (Eva Klabin Foundation), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Emerson College, 40 x 7 foot mural at entrance of Walker Building, 120 Boylston Place, Boston, MA. Planned, designed and executed the project.
A Gentil Carioca Gallery, 23 x 13 foot mural on the external wall of the gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Inauguration of the Gentil Parede project, supported by the Paulo A.W. Vieira collection.
Walter Feldman Fellowship for Emerging Artists, juried by Liz Munsell, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
Short-listed for inclusion in 100 Painters of Tomorrow, Thames & Hudson publication
President’s Award, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
MFA Merit Grant, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Nominee, Art Matters Grant Program, New York, NY

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Gilberto Chateaubriand Collection, Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Private Collections in the United States and Brazil